7 tips to Ditch negative self-talk and...

Build a Body You Love

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September 11, Saturday 11:00 am PDT
September 12, Sunday 12:00 am PDT
September 12, Sunday 1:00 am PDT
September 12, Sunday 2:00 am PDT
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This webinar is for you if:

You don't know where to start your fitness journey

You are overwhelmed by the information out there. Should you go Keto or vegan? Whole 30 or paleo? Run or lift?

You're constantly unhappy with how you look

It seems like outfits don't fit the way you want them to. You might avoid taking pictures or looking in the mirror. Maybe you are experiencing or have experienced body dysmorphia.

You're always on a diet

You feel like you are always watching what you eat and see little to no results. You might even feel deprived and irritable when it comes to food.

You suffer(ed) from disordered eating

You might have picked up some bad habits or binge eating or undereating.

You've been working out with little to no results

Maybe you are someone who is familiar with the gym. You might even go often but feel like you aren't seeing progress.

Your fitness/health journey causes you anxiety

Feeling defeated? You've been trying to see change for so long that it's easier to live with things as they are than to even think about trying to make a change.


About Eleanor

Feeling frustrated by your fitness journey? Suffering from brain fog, exhaustion, irritability, unexplained illnesses, and more? That used to be me. Trying to chase the ideal body left me hungry, foggy, irritable, and sick. I learned some lessons the hard way, but I don't want that for you. I want to use my knowledge to help you get your strength, health, and happiness back like I do for all of my clients!

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